Beach Hacks

Beach Hacks

A. 12 Beach Hacks That Will Save Your Summer

When we talk about summer, we often think of hot sand, cold sea water and a good tan. But even on a trip to the beach, unpleasant things can happen and spoil your vacation a lot.

1. How to prevent sand from sticking to your feet

With all the sand stuck to your feet, it can be hard to put your shoes on after a day at the beach. To avoid this, use talcum powder made for children.

How to do it: Sprinkle a little talcum powder on a cloth and wrap it well. When you’re ready to go home, rub the talcum powder into your feet. Talc absorbs all moisture so that even the smallest grains of sand fall out easily. Your legs and feet will be clean and smooth.

2. How to avoid losing your car keys

To avoid having to take your keys to the beach and the risk of them disappearing into the sea, hide them behind the wheel of your car.

How to do it: Take a branch, a blade of grass or a plant stalk and tie it to the keyring to store your car key. Attach it to the hubcap and let it hang from the inside.

3. Protect your valuables

Often, when you’re at the beach, your valuables have nowhere to put them and leaving them unattended is a bad idea.

How to do it: Just put keys, phone, money, etc. in a child’s diaper or wrap in underwear. These items are completely uninteresting to thieves. You won’t even touch them and your belongings are safe.

4. How to avoid a headache

The sudden change in pressure that occurs during underwater diving can cause a headache. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

How to do it: Before entering the water, pinch your nose, close your mouth and apply some pressure to the head for 5 to 10 seconds. Then take a deep breath and repeat this process 2 more times. Your body will adjust to the new pressure and you won’t have a headache.

5. Keep your phone dry

How to do it: To protect your smartphone from moisture and sand, put it in a zippered bag. Then use a straw to remove all the air. You get a completely waterproof cover.

6. When your ears are blocked

If water is out of your ears but they are still clogged after spending some time at the beach, you need to restore the natural pressure in your inner ear. It’s easy to do.

How to do it: take an ordinary balloon, pinch your nose and start to inflate it. At some point during this process, you will hear a slight “click” sound, which indicates that the pressure in your ears has returned to normal.

7. A quick soda

How to do it: Before going to the beach, fill a plastic bottle with 1/3 of the water and place it in the freezer. If you need a cool drink after a long period in the sun, put any drink in the bottle and it will cool instantly.

8. A deckchair without sand

How to do it: To keep the wind from blowing sand into your shoes, clothing, and bags, roll out a mattress cover instead of a regular beach chair. You end up with something near a waterless pool to lie on and keep your belongings safe.

9. Cool slippers

How to do it: To prevent sandals from burning on your feet after hours of sunlight, leave them upside down when you’re not wearing them.

10. Prevent sand from sticking to objects

How to do it: Place the bottles in paper cups so that the sand does not stick to them.

11. Protect your phone from water and sand

How to do it: Here’s another great way to protect your smartphone from water and sand: Wrap it in plastic wrap. This allows you to even put it in water, although the touchpad may not work at lower temperatures.

12. Frozen aloe vera juice helps with burns

Aloe vera juice contains chemicals that can heal wounds, reduce swelling, and retain moisture. It’s also a great way to deal with sunburn.

How to do it: Buy some aloe vera gel and freeze it in an ice cube tray. You can use it to clean your face, arms, back, or anywhere you’ve been burned. Helps restore skin health and relieve pain.


B. 23 Beach Day Hacks For An Awesome Day At The Beach With Kids

The beach. For some, the idea of ​​the beach evokes fun, calm and relaxation – a respite from the cares of life. No matter what category you fall into, kids love spending the day at the beach. So when deciding on your next day at the beach, you’ll never have enough beach resources to make your stay a little easier and more enjoyable. And luckily for you, we’ve done all the research so you can get to your vacation even faster. Beach Hacks Moms Need to Know for a Perfect Day at the Beach

1. Make a law sponge

Make a lei sponge for each family member. When it’s wet, it will keep you cool when you’re not in the water. This one is so easy!! Just cut a sponge and thread it into a necklace. Before heading out for the day, get him wet and put him on. Evaporation will help you stay cool. For an extra cooling effect, place it in the freezer before use.

2. Create a sand-free zone – use a fitted sheet

Do you want to create a sand free zone? Try a fitted sheet with pockets, coolers, etc. in corners to keep your baby out of the sand – or even YOU! We love how the edges help to contain fun and clutter. You’ll love this trick especially if you’re windy. Stop the sand from whipping you! Your child will have a lot of fun crawling around and exploring their new place…no sand! Of course, have an umbrella ready.

3. Keep children trapped in a kiddie pool

Hold babies and toddlers in a kiddie pool on the beach. What a smart idea! When you’re at the beach for long periods of time, the waves and constant concern for safety can be tiring. Bring a small children’s pool to create an area suitable for children. This would have given me a lot more security when my kids were younger.

4. Beach tip: record the last time you put on sunscreen

The first time my son got sunburned, I screamed!! I was so mad at myself for forgetting to reapply sunscreen! ! I know I’m not the only one who made this “mother’s mistake”. POOH. How many times have you forgotten the last time you put on sunscreen (and when you need to reapply it)? Me either! That won’t be a problem anymore.

5. DIY balloon cooler

To keep food cold, freeze water balloons filled with water to pack in your cooler. They’re great because they keep your food fresh but dry – an added bonus is FUN! Because once they’re completely thawed, go for a water balloon fight!

6. Keep your phone safe

Keep plastic peanut butter jars to hold your phone and keys while you’re at the beach. Neither sand nor waves can enter there. Brillant! Alternatively, you can use zippered plastic bags, but this seems safer to me.

7. Open some soda bags

Bring tipped soda bags for the adults or delicious non-alcoholic versions for the kids to stay hydrated. These are totally portable and totally delicious!

8. Make an easy DIY slushi (with capri suns!)

Bring the kids Capri’s Frozen Suns. Let them unfreeze for a moment and they’ll be hot and mushy… the perfect way to cool off on a hot day at the beach! Don’t forget to bring some spoons too.

9. Freeze your water bottles

Freeze your water bottles instead of bringing ice packs to keep your snacks fresh. Your water will stay extremely cold for hours and you’ll also keep your snacks fresh.

10. Make frozen aloe vera cubes

Be prepared in case you get sunburned! Create frozen aloe vera cubes – of course, sunscreen is best, but it seems SOMEONE always comes back a little pink from the beach, it WILL HELP!! All you need to do is process the aloe vera into an ice cube pan and place it in the freezer until you need it later. But most importantly, put on plenty of sunscreen regularly (using the tip above!) so that doesn’t happen!

11. Keep insects away from your drink

Keep insects away from your mug with cupcake liners. This idea is simple but ingenious! It’s also affordable. With all the fun patterns and colors out there, they’re sure to be a hit with your kids. Another option is to use plastic wrap to cover the filling of the cup. There are so many great things you can do with plastic wrap.

12. Chop your beach towel

There is hardly anything better than lying comfortably on the beach and reading a good book. Chop up your beach towel to turn it into a towel and pillow combo that will turn your summer beach getaways into a dream. All you need is a mini pillow (we took ours from the dollar tree) and an extra long towel. Sew the pillow to the edge of the towel. Roll it up like a yoga mat when you need to go out.

13. Easily remove sand from toys

A mesh laundry bag is a perfect container for all of your children’s beach toys! He sifted the sand and left it on the beach instead of dragging it into the car and home. We’re big fans of it in my house! Here are 15 ways to use mesh pockets for clothing. Trust me, this will make your life so much easier!

14. Build a sandcastle kit

Build your own sandcastle kit from items you have at home! Prepare them for an impromptu trip to the beach! Paint spatulas, brushes, and measuring cups are great tools for the little ones to use when building a creative sandcastle. Think outside the box and get creative.

15. Bring your own shadow

Do you need a different shade idea? Bring a small pop-up tent. This is a great, easy way to take a break from the sun – perfect for lunch and snacks. A tent is very ideal if you have children who are still sleeping because the tent also helps them rest better. Make sure the tent is well ventilated! You can also use a large umbrella over the tent to keep it from getting too hot inside.

16. Outdoor cup holder DIY

Keep your drinks out of the sand with this easy and cute DIY cup holder. Making this craft is very simple – you start with an empty can. Tape some fabric around the outside and the sharp edge and seal it so that it is completely waterproof. Then drill a hole in the floor and attach a bracket with a washer.

17. Save your money

An insulated coffee mug is the perfect hiding place for keys, IDs and money that you want to keep close to you. You can also keep the money rolled up and hidden in a pill bottle and put around your neck. This will protect you, but it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. Here are 17 more cool things you can do with pill bottles too!

18. Dig a “baby hole”

Dig a “baby hole” in the sand. Put a towel over the hole and you have a cozy corner for your child.

19. Build a beach craft

Bring a bag of plaster of paris from Paris (and instructions) to make footprints and footprint souvenirs for the kids – or grandparents. Simply press it into the sand with your foot or hand and then mix the plaster with a little sea water. Let it harden and you will have a unique memory!

20. Easily remove wet sand

Pack baby powder without baby powder to remove wet sand from your hands, legs … anywhere before you leave the beach. All you have to do is shake some baby powder and then rub the sand off right away. I don’t know why it works, but it works and it couldn’t be easier!

21. Create a DIY lint fire starter log

Make your own fire starter with dry lint and an empty toilet roll. So simple and yet it works SUPER. Nothing beats a campfire at night on the beach!

22. DIY beach blanket

A flat sheet, tent poles, shoelaces, and a little sewing make up the BEST beach blanket ever. It installs easily, stays in place, dries quickly and is easy to transport.

23. Final thoughts on tips for a perfect day at the beach

Don’t let travel stress or the fear of the sand stop you from making memories with your family. Perhaps you’re a seasoned swimmer and have tried all of these tricks and even created a few of your own (mention them in the comments – they can be added to the post!). Or maybe you are a newbie to the beach and never thought of doing these things. Anyway, I’m sure these beach tips will make your day at the beach easier and more enjoyable.